An Advisor is Tactician, Courtier, Minister, or another role known for their wisdom.

Roles in CombatEdit

Advisors give buffs to their allies, as well as being able to find and exploit enemy weaknesses.

Honor ClassesEdit

Color IdentityEdit

Advisors can be one of four colors, any color but Red, and have different roles depending on their color Identity.


Green Advisors Often give temporary boosts in Power and Toughness, helping thier allies to gain the power of fierce creatures.


White Advisors give much smaller boosts than Green Advisors, but that last longer or permanently. They also focus on tactics, providing their allies with the means to outwit, outmaneuver, and outsmart their enemies.


Blue Advisors are a spellcaster's best friend, making sorceries and instants cheaper and easier to cast, as well as providing ore powerful spells than their allies could use otherwise.


Black advisors focus on the weaknesses of their enemeis, providing their allies with the means to abuse and confuse those they fight against.