Giant GrowthEdit

  • Cost: 1

Target creature gains +3 to both Power and Toughness until their next combat turn.

Lord's PresenceEdit

  • Cost: 2

Allies that share a Tribe or Class with you get +1 to both Power and Toughness until your next combat turn.

Aerial CamoflagueEdit

  • Cost: 2

Allies of the caster can't be targeted for attack by Flying creatures.


  • Cost: 5

Allies of the caster can't be targeted by enemy spells until your next combat turn.

Natural HealingEdit

  • Cost: 2
  • May be cast on another creature's turn

Target creature's life goes back to its base value, that creature skips its next combat turn.


  • Cost: 1

Destroy target Artifact, its owner gains life equal to its cost.

Natural SpringEdit

  • Cost: 5

Target creature gains 8 life.


Obstructing BeauracracyEdit

  • Cost: 2

You and target creature skip your next combat turn.

Dragon's SleepEdit

  • Cost: 4

All the caster's allies gain +1 to both power and toughness until the end of combat.

Truth Seeker's BladeEdit

  • Cost: 4

Whenever the caster takes damage, they may deal damage equal to that to another creature.

Young Phoenix's GambitEdit

  • Cost: 1

Target creature gains +2 to toughness until their next combat term.

Seasoned TacticsEdit

  • Cost: 3
  • This spell may be played during another creature's turn

Prevent all damage that would be dealt to target creature.


Unshackle RageEdit

  • Cost: 3

Until your next combat turn, you gain +5 to power.

Good CouncilEdit

  • Cost: 1

Each of your allies gets the next spell on their list prepared.

Lady Sun's SecretEdit

  • Cost: 3

Teleport next to target ally.

Wu StrategemEdit

  • Cost: 3

Target creature is unblockable.


Corrupt PoliticsEdit

  • Cost: 2

Target creature chooses a prepared spell and discards it.

Wei's AdviceEdit

  • Cost: 3

Target creature gains +2 to Power.