Arcs are 3 color identites based on a color and its two allies.


Sofia Lamb

Sofia Lamb is a good example of a Green/White/Blue villain

These three colors can be some of the most benevolent when working together. Their shared values of community and progress can lead to wonderful societies. These colors value benevolence, law, order, rationality, and life. But they can also be oppresive, enforcing caste systems, and showing no tolerance for individuality or desire. These colors often build vast armies, and have the tactics to ensure their enemies are always outmanuevered and outgunned.


In this Arc, discipline, reason, and desire feed into each other. White and Blue's desire for utopian progress 

Robert House

Robert House's goal of bring about a Utopia via technology is a good example of White/Blue/Black philosophy

is met with Black's methods. Characters and Organizations in this Arc are control freaks, they are organized, they are smarth, and they are deadly. These colors combine the protective magics of White, the counters of Blue, and the deadly spells of Black. This Arc is constantly improving itself and others, whether they like it or not.



Tyrion is an example of a Blue/Black/Red character

Black's desire for power with Red's damage and Blue's knowledge. This Arc is a selfish one, using the power at its fingertips of esteem, prestige, and knowledge. Most characters within this Arc are tyrants, using their considerable power to control those under them, and always trying to find more power for themselves. Organizations within this Arc are wide-reaching, power hungry, and smart. Characters within this arc are dangerous, and usually evil, but the only real core to this Arc is selfishness.


This Arc is all about agression. Locations within this Arc are vicious eco-systems 


The Zerg's evolutionary resilience and bloodlust make them a good example of a Black/Red/Green faction

where only the powerful survive. These are the colors of ambition, passion, and savegery. Characters within this arc are most likely primal, they kill to prove their dominance, they are resilient, and they run off desire. These are the colors of short term pleasure, debauchery, violent urges, and battle for battles sake.



Aragorn is familiar with both the wilds of Middle Earth and it's human kingdoms, making him a Red/Green/White Hero

This Arc embodies both sides of nature, its caring and nurturing as well as its wild predation. The colors of Tarzan and Aragorn, characters in this arc are in touch with nature, but not completely out of touch with society. They operate in the wilds and cultivate nature, even its most vicious parts, but do so to protect weaker parts of society from it. They value beauty and power, peace and war, and strive to achieve balance.