• Cost: 1

If this caster is physically attacked, they gain +1 to both Power and Toughness.


  • Cost: 1

You and an ally gain +1 to Power until your next combat turn.

Blood Ridge FrenzyEdit

  • Cost: 5

The caster gains +4 to both Power and Toughness. They lose this bonus if they go a combat round without physically attacking another creature.

Blade-Tribe FrenzyEdit

  • Cost: 4

The caster gains +1 to both Power and Dexterity for each Artifact they control until their next combat phase.

Goblin's BloodcrazeEdit

  • Cost: 1

The caster gains +1 to both Power and Dexterity, but must skip their combat turn if they don't take damage during a turn prior.


Elvish FrenzyEdit

  • Cost: 1

The caster gains +1 to dexterity for every Green ally they have.

Ghor-Clan SavageryEdit

  • Cost: 5

The caster gains +1 to power for each point of damage its inflicted during combat up to this point.


Null's DesperationEdit

  • Cost: 4

Whenever the caster is attacked, they gain +5 to Power.

Mogis' BoonEdit

  • Cost: 3

The caster intimidate's its enemies, all of whom must skip their next combat step unless they resist (to resist they must have a higher Will than the caster's Power). It gains Dexterity for every creature intimidated this way.

Mob MentalityEdit

  • Cost: 6

The caster and its allies gain Power equal to their numbers (+1 Power per party member, for every party member).

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