Matron's GuideanceEdit

  • Cost: 1

Target creature gains +3 to toughness until it's next turn.


  • Cost: 4

Remove an effect from target creature.

Abauna healingEdit

  • Cost: 2

Target creature gains 1 life.

Ancestral ProphecyEdit

  • Cost: 5

Target creature gains 10 life, and +5 to toughness until your next combat turn, Skip your next combat turn. (The target does not lose its toughness bonus until you actually have a combat turn, not when your combat turn would have been.)

Angel's HeraldEdit

  • Cost: 4

You lose 3 life and -1 to all stats, summon an Angel with the following Stats

  • Power: 4
  • Toughness: 4
  • Perception: 1
  • Will: 1
  • Dexterity: 4

Choose ChampionEdit

  • Cost: 2

Target creature gains Life equal to the number of allies it has. It also has protection from black and red effects until your next combat turn.


Xarthid's KissEdit

  • Cost: 1

Target creature loses 1 life.

Blight ChampionEdit

  • Cost: 2

Target creature loses as much life as they choose, and gains +1 power for each life they lose to this spell.

Blind ZealEdit

  • Cost: 3

Lose life equal to target creature's toughness, that creature loses twice as much life as you do.


  • Cost: 2

Raise target dead enemy as a Zombie

Cabal PressureEdit

  • Cost: 4

Target creature loses 3 life, another target creature gains 3 life.

Cabal ExecutionEdit

  • Cost: 5

Target creature an ally has dealt physical damage to loses the remainder of its life.

Cabal SlavesEdit

  • Cost: 6

Summon a Goblin for each of your allies, these Goblins are adjacent to an ally and have the following stats.

  • Power: 1
  • Toughness: 1
  • Perception: 1
  • Will: 1
  • Dexterity: 2

Demonic TributeEdit

  • Cost 1

You lose an amount of life you choose, target creature gains life equal to the life you lose to this spell.


  • Cost: 1

Target creature gets -1 to Power and Toughness

Summon KnifeEdit

  • Cost: 3

Target creatures gets -2 to Power and Toughness