Color Pie

The Color Wheel

The 5 colors relate to each other in different ways. The "Color Wheel" 

(pictured) shows this by showing Friendly colors next to each other and rival colors across from each other.

(For example, White is allied with Blue and Green, while it Rivals Black and Red.)


Captain Picard Chair

Captain Picard serves as an example of a White/Blue hero

White and Blue are allies because they both believe in the common good and in creating improvements in the world. White seeks order, while Blue seeks progress. White often uses spells that empower and protect itself and its followers. While Blue uses spells that counter anything that would harm it and its allies. In this they work as preemptive protectors, keeping their enemies slow and at bay in order to maintain order.


Blue and Black are allies due to their amorality and wish for power. Black uses frbidden magics and dirty tactics to gain advantage, while Blue studies for the sake of study. Black seeks power, while Blue seeks knowledge. Because of this they often find themselves doing similar work, studying demons and the undead to unlock their power. When together, they often strive to have unlimited power and knowledge, even without Black's
Severus Snape

Severus Snape is an asshole, but a Blue/Black asshole

usual egotism. Both colors also specialize in mind magic, wiping and stealing the memories of their enemies.


Black and Red are allies due to their never ending egotism. Both love freedom. Red prefers to be off the

Mal is an example of a heroic Black/Red character

cuff, operating by the seat of their pants, while Black prefers to scheme and plan. Because of this, Black/Red characters can often be manipulated, while still being manipulators themselves. Black/Red seeks short term pleasure as well as long term power. These colors also tend to be willing to cripple themselves for more power, going the extra mile to achieve their goals, short term or long term.


Red and Green are allies due to their value of emotion. Both colors are hot-blooded, valuing powerful allies as well as their own power. Both colors hit hard and fast, devastating their enemies with overwhelming strength. Red is used to using shock and awe to intimidate and despose of their enemies, while Green has an army of creatures to stomp their enemies flat. Green and Red together is wild, Anarchy and nature working together in violent, loud, hellish harmony. That said, Green is one of the most inclusive colors, and Red's value of freedom often leads to Red/Green communities being all inclusive, especially to outcasts.

Tinkerbell's hotheaded nature is very Red/Green


Green and White are allies due to their value of community. White values strong communities while Green values large communities. Because of this, Green/White communities are often very zealous, valuing community over individual identity. Their societies coexist with nature, valuing animals as much if not more than people. The needs of the group always outweight those of the individual, and those who identify with these two colors will not be afraid to put themselves after their community, even if it means sacrificing their life.
Neeson - al Ghul

Ra's Al Ghul is a good example of a Green/White antagonist