Mana is the energy you use to cast spells, you draw it from your memories and connections to places around the multiverse.

Mana comes in five colors, and the colors one receives depend on ones own color identity. Different spells, summons, and enchantments require different colors of mana.

Drawing Mana and Casting SpellsEdit

Drawing ManaEdit

At the begining of each of a character's turns, they draw mana equal to their Will score multiplied by d4

Mana colorEdit

Mana drawn is equally divided between its users color(s), if a character is red, all their drawn mana is red, and can only be used to pay for red and colorless spells. If a character is 2 colors and the amount of mana drawn was odd, they may choose which color gets the extra point. If a character is 3 or more colors and the number cannot be equally divided, a player may distribute the mana as they wish so long as no color has a difference of more than 1 point of mana with the others. For example, if your character is Black, Red, and White, and then draws 5 mana, they may not choose to draw 3 Black, 1 Red, and 1 White, but may draw 2 Black, 2 Red, and 1 White.

Spells PreparedEdit

Outside of combat, characters may use any spell they know. However, due to the stress and high speed of any magic duel, characters may only have a certain number of spells prepared at any given moment.

At the begining of combat, each participant rolls a d6, and chooses the top whatever number they rolled spells from their list, to be prepared.

List of prepared spellsEdit

Outside of combat, a character may at any time rearrange the spells they do know. When drawing spells, they do so by going down the list of spells.

Drawing Spells in CombatEdit

At the begining of each turn, you may roll a d6, the next whatever you rolled spells from your list. At the end of your turn, if you have more than 7 spells prepared, you must discard all but the 7 you most want to keep.

Casting SpellsEdit

When you need to cast a spell, you consume mana equal to its cost, all spells have a color identity, and require at least one mana of this identity be payed to cast them. However, artifacts and some rare spells have no color identity and may be payed with any mana.

When you have no mana left, you may no longer cast any spells, but may still move and use physical attacks during your turn.

If you have any mana left over after a turn, it stays in your pool until the end of combat.