Rogues live by their wits, using stealth and cunning to make their way in life.

Combat RolesEdit

Rogues use their magic to distract and trick their enemies. Blinding their marks with illusions, scaring then with mind magic, and weakening them with weapons and tricks.

Honor ClassesEdit






Color IdentityEdit

Rogues can be one of three colors: Blue, Black, or Red


Blue rogues focus on illusion and mind magic. Using illusionary creatures to injure their enemies until they break out of the trance. They can also use mind magic to control the thoughts and memories of their marks.


Black rogues focus on distractions and wounds. Their attacks injure their marks, weakening them and slowly draining the live out of them. They can also use mind magics to distract enemies and force them to forget their spells and abilities.


Red rogues are reckless thieves, stealing the artifacts and abilities of their marks and turning them against them.

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