• Cost: 5

Teleport target creature adjacent to you.

Cephalid's CunningEdit

  • Cost: 3

Unprepare a spell of your choice, prepare a spell of your choice.

Trickster's GambitEdit

  • Cost: 3

Target creature gains -2 to Will


  • Cost: 3

Take control of target Artifact.

Learned territoryEdit

  • Cost: 1

You gain Landwalk of your choice.


  • Cost: 3

You gain +2 to Perception

Dream TheftEdit

  • Cost: 3

Prepare a spell from target creature's list.


Mind RuptureEdit

  • Cost: 7

Target creature unprepares all their prepared spells


  • Cost: 2

Target creature unprepares a spell of their choice


  • Cost: 1

Target creatures gains -1 to Stat of your choice.

Shadow's EmbraceEdit

  • Cost: 4

You are invisible to all nonblack creatures.

Doom BladeEdit

  • Cost: 2

Destroy target nonblack creature.


Dragon's LustEdit

  • Cost: 3

Gain control of all artifacts, lose 1 life for every artifact you take control of with this spell.


  • Cost: 5

Teleport behind target creature.

Arms DealEdit

  • Cost: 3

Destroy an artifact you control, deal 4 damage to target creature.


  • Cost: 1
  • Only cast this spell once per combat

All creatures in combat with you take 1 damage every one of their combat turns.

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