Soldiers are trained combatants who are part of or have been trained by a formal army. They are adept at fighting with allies and can easily overwhelm their enemies.

Combat RolesEdit

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Honor ClassesEdit




Color IdentityEdit

Soldiers can be one of four colors: White, Green, Red, or Black.


White Soldiers are team players, summoning creatures of equal power to themselves, and granting equipment and abilities to themselves and their allies.


Black Soldiers are brutal tacticians, they use dishonorable tactics and dangerous manuevers to intimidate and destroy their enemies. They're often comfortable with devastating losses, so long as they can achieve victory, and the rewards that come with it.


Red Soldiers are glory hounds. With high power and low toughness, they charge head on into battle, dealing devastating blows to the enemy without any concern for the lives of themselves or their allies.


Green Soldiers focus on comraderies, inspiring their allies to be stronger. Most of their abilities focus on the combat abilities of their allies as opposed to their own, but they're also powerful combatants in their own right.