A Wedge is a color identity made up of one color and both its rivlas.
Maelstrom Wanderer


Count of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Crsito's quest for revenge is very White/Black/Red

This is the Wedge of revenge. Red's passion and Black's amorality mixed with White's desire for justice and order often leads to vigilantism and vengeance. Characters in this Wedge are equal parts sincere and hypocritical. These are the colors of Dragons, Angels, and Demons. And characters within them will often enjoy utilizing all three.


This is the Wedge of dreams, illusions, and their interchange with reality. This color combination is often 

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is a Blue/Red/Green hero, at least in his earliest interpretations

assosciated with psychodelic drugs, "vision quests" and surrealism. Red and Blue are assosciated with flashy, short term effects, but with green's help they can make these passing fancies a permanent reality. That bizarre nightmare you had? Imagine it charging your enemies, you can make it happen.


This is the Wedge for those who want to kill their enemies over and over again. In combination the difference between life and death are interchangeable. With Black you can destroy your enemies. With Black and White you can raise the dead. With Green and Black you can restore your life. These colors allow for immortality, and great devastation.


This Wedge is pretty characteristic of America. It values freedom, order, unity, and progress. At it's core a 


USA, USA (is actually a pretty good example of Red White and Blue)

certain rugged individualism, desire for personal freedom, and capacity for violence in defense of both. It can be almost irrational, making one or all of its allies alwas attack, but making sure they have the power the need to sustain it. Beyond that, it has the tactical smarts to outwit those enemies who would underestimate them.



Sabretooth is a cunning, ruthless, hunter, a perfect example of a Green/Blue/Black enemy.

This Wedge is a cocktail of self improvement, brutality, and self-improvement. Characters in this wedge are brutal savages, but they are smart, fitting into regular societies until it's time to tear them down. They are the perfect hunter, outwitting, dominating, and learning from their prey.